A Face In the Night

A Novel

Berlin 1999: District Attorney Kurt Becker discovers illegal campaign funds linked to a flawed Berlin construction project.
The project becomes his worst nightmare. A secret 1945 Nazi bunker is unearthed. Workers discover “Nazi Wonder Weapons.”
An SS division defended these weapons to the last man. Is this why the Nazi leadership predicted Final Victory? Were famous scientist Nikola Tesla’s stolen “Death Ray” plans used? What links a mysterious SS officer to Kurt Becker and his villa?
On New Year’s Eve, Kurt sees a face peering at him through the window of his villa. Is it a reflection or an illusion? Things are no longer what they appear to be.
Kurt’s past investigations, family issues, drugs, and insomnia haunt him as his reputation suffers. Is someone out to get him?
He shares a secret with neighbor Anne Macmillan, the English Ambassador’s wife. They seek out an Israeli-German investigator who could change their beliefs about reality and redemption.
The author takes us on a roller coaster ride through 20th Century German history. He weaves fiction with history and suspense, asking the ultimate question: What is reality?

An Historical Thriller with a Twist of the Unexplained

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Launching November  29th, 2022

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From Shakespeare to President Kennedy, many have remarked that our past is our prologue. Combining historical and fictional events, the novel takes the reader from 1942 New York City with Nikola Tesla to 1945 and the Battle of Berlin. There are also scenes in London, Tel Aviv, and Berlin in the 1990s and in 2000. Kessler’s story explores how our past thoughts and actions impact our present and future lives.
What if our perception of reality is not what it really is? Does our historical DNA cell memory impact that reality? Psychiatrist Carl Jung used the term “collective unconscious” that defined our inherited traits, intuitions, and wisdom from generations past. Could there actually be memories trapped in our DNA that could intrude into our present lives?
“Carl Jung spoke about genetic cell memory or the collective unconscious. Could some of our memories be written into our DNA? And can they cause or create unexplained phenomena? That is certainly possible,” Kessler comments.